Our Marketing Department has a key role in presentation of our suppliers’ products in Iran market place. For this purpose, it has enjoyed two important strategies, which are considered as its strong points:

 1- Market Research and Consulting

Our promise is to dig deep into your brand architecture to deliver inspiration and bring the Voice of the Customer into your boardroom.

Our coverage extends to all industries throughout Iran market place and uncovers specific data needed to deliver real insight about:

  • Customers (demand and supply curve, popular medias, and brand positioning)
  • Competitors (SWOT, marketing strategy, and sales)
  • Distribution Channels (wholesalers and retailers)
  • Influential factors on the market (Contraband and regulations)

2- Promotion

Our talented team has extensive business experience in promotion who plan and execute varies of projects such as:

  • Commercial gifts
  • Merchandising
  • Sampling
  • Direct Sales
  • Road show
  • Events
  • Fairs

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