Jaanoespar Group started its activities in 2000 with entering to Advertising Industry. Now this Group consists of two main parts: Full Service Advertising Agency and Distribution.

After years of presence in the market, we got connected to individuals and companies working in different areas. As the result and for the purpose of utilizing the resources, we established our distribution network of manpower and vehicles.

Having applied the state-of-the-art, “know-how”, and enjoyed the endeavors of its specialist and hardworking associates, Jaanoespar Group is named as one of the greatest and most credible companies. A company which managed to become a unique example of exploiting her position as a full service advertising agency with more than 160 panels such as billboards and bridgeboards at the service of a nationwide distribution network.

Having performed researches on the market and the behavior of users, and identified the demands of people, we have been able, through advertisement activities, to develop the present markets for more presentation of our suppliers’ products. This process has been repeated so much that the methods of identification and development of demand for new products have been institutionalized in this group.

During this period, types of brands in Fashion, Dairy, and Security Systems, like Koton, Domino and LG are presented throughout Iran in a wide range and with a high quality, in such a manner that today Jaanoespar Group is one the most important distribution group in Iran.

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